About Roger B. Steppe Jr.

Roger B. Steppe, Jr. has more than 25 years of executive-level experience in the health care industry. He has founded and served as president and CEO for Berryman Health, Inc., Berryman Health Care, Inc., the Health South/Reno Pacific Surgery Center, and the Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital. Through these companies, Mr. Steppe acquired and developed Nationally Accredited (C.A.R.F.) rehabilitation hospitals and out-Patient centers providing Physical, Occupational, and speech therapy on an inpatient and outpatient basis to people who had suffered strokes, fractures, physical injuries, and joint replacements.
Roger B. Steppe, Jr. is a Pharmaceutical Export and logistics professional and the president, CEO, and founder of The Anberry Foundation, which offers effective and secure logistics services to health care providers in developing countries. The company functions as an exporter of DOJ/DEA Schedule 2-5 Controlled Substances/Medications FDA-approved for the treatment of serious conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, trauma and severe pain. Anberry brings the latest and most advanced drugs to communities that need them the most.Roger B. Steppe, Jr. earned his BA in history and political science at Loma Linda University. He completed coursework toward his JD at Western State School of Law.


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